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10 7313 CRL Glass Awning Support System
Complete Hardware System for 9/16" (14 mm) Tempered Laminated Glass Awnings
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The CRL Glass Awning Support System will give any entrance an uncomplicated, graceful look. With the use of tempered laminated glass you can add a range of glass colors, textures, and special effects not available with typical monolithic glass. This complements and enhances the design of any building. The use of eye and fork connections makes the installation of our Awning System quick and easy. The Connecting Rods are designed to make field adjustments on varying job conditions a snap.

10 7313 CRL Universal Wall Mounted Glass Awning Brackets

Requires 9/16" (14 mm) Thick Tempered, Laminated Glass

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These Universal Wall Mount Glass Awning Brackets have really become popular, not just for their looks, but also their versatility. Each Bracket has four glass attachments that require one 3/4" (19 mm) hole in the glass per attachment. They are designed to be used with 9/16" (14 mm) thick tempered, laminated glass. The swiveling glass attachments adjust 16 degrees (8 degrees in any direction) to accommodate for segmented, bent or warped glass.

10 7313 CRL Spider Fitting Point-Supported Glass Awning System

For Use With Glass Up to 13/16" (20 mm)

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"All-Glass" Façades and Awnings can be accomplished by attaching CRL's Heavy-Duty Spider Fittings to the top or bottom of engineered beams. The Spider Fittings themselves are beautifully finished in brushed or polished stainless steel that has been structurally tested to carry the panel weight and handle the wind load of the region. Our personnel will guide you through the design and quotation process and can also provide you with calculated and certified drawings, stamped by a licensed engineer. CRL also offers a large stock selection of tested spider fittings for every type of installation including: column supported systems, glass fin supported systems, hand rails, and guard rails.

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