10 7000 Exterior Specialties – Sun Control Devices (Sunshades)

10 7113 CRL 7700 Series Aluminum Sunshade System
Three Standard Sizes: 72", 96", and 120" (1829, 2438, and 3048 mm) With 36" (914 mm) Projection
  • Welded Systems for Structural Integrity
  • Practical Design for Minimal Field Labor
  • Powder Painted Metallic Silver
  • Custom Sizes and Finishes Also Available

An element of sophistication and modern design, sunshades can transform an indistinct building into a space of beauty and expression. The CRL7700 Sunshade System is a rich complement to the design of any building. CRL offers the CRL7700 Series Sunshade in three popular standard sizes to minimize field labor and cut down on expenses. If these three sizes do not work for your design, CRL will custom manufacture the CRL7700 Series to exactly your specifications.

10 7113 CRL 7750 Series Aluminum and Stainless Steel Sunshade Systems
12" to 48" (305 to 1219 mm) Panels With 36" (914 mm) Projection
  • Stock Center, Corner, and End Panels Available
  • Practically Designed for Ease of Installation
  • Powder Painted Metallic Silver
  • Custom Sizes and Finishes Also Available

Efficiently and beautifully styled CRL7750 Series Sunshades lend sophistication and modern design, transforming architecturally ordinary buildings into eye-catching structures. CRL 7750 Series Sunshades are fabricated in component parts: Center, Corner, Right Hand End, and Left Hand End modules. The components allow for jobsite installation from stock units. Sometimes a custom sized center module is needed for your installation requirements, and CRL Manufacturing will make custom sizes to your specifications.

10 7113 CRL Custom Sunshade Systems
Available in Many Proven Designs or Custom Designed to Meet Your Needs
  • Structurally Designed to Meet the Load Values Required on the Project
  • Powder Paint, KYNAR®, Clear Anodized and Bronze Finishes
  • Fabricated in Our Facility for Prompt Service

This completely customizable system offers unique component options including: outrigger, fascia, infill panels, mounting brackets, blades, and color/finish options. This variety of options allow for countless combinations to satisfy your design needs, and also allows for the installation on most building conditions for both new construction and retrofit applications. We perform engineering for a safe and long-lasting job, and provide shop drawings for approval.

10 7113 CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 3600 Sunshade System
Mounting to Walls, Curtain Walls, and Storefronts
  • Variety of Louvers and Fascia Profiles to Choose From
  • Structurally Designed to Meet the Load Values Required on the Project
  • Continuous Fascia Cover
  • Retrofit Options for Existing Buildings

Conserving energy by reducing exposure to direct ultraviolet rays while allowing for ambient day lighting is a major focus of today’s environmentally conscious USGBC and CaGBC guidelines. United States Aluminum is producing the LEED®-friendly Series 3600 Sunshade and other related products to meet these needs. The screw spline assembly design features a choice of outrigger profiles with a variety of available louvers and fascias.

10 7113 CRL 8020 Series Aluminum Vertical Screen Systems
Custom Made to Your Specifications
  • Improves Design and Aesthetics of the Building
  • Reduces Direct Sunlight While Maintaining View
  • Custom Powder or KYNAR® Paint Finishes

CRL Vertical Screens not only provide solar protection but also add to the aesthetics of the building. Vertical Screens can also be used to conceal unsightly equipment at buildings and protect the appearance of the structure. Each Vertical Screen System is built to specifications in our Los Angeles facility under strict standards that put CRL at the forefront of manufacturing excellence.

10 7113 CRL AT710/AT720 Series Custom Aluminum Trellis Systems
Custom Made to Your Specifications
  • Improves Design and Aesthetics of the Building
  • Reduces Direct Sunlight
  • Powder or KYNAR® Coated Finishes

CRL offers the AT710 and AT720 Series Aluminum Trellis Systems in custom sizes. CRL will custom manufacture the AT710 and AT720 Series to exactly your specifications in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California. Contact CRL Architectural and Ornamental Metals Technical Sales for additional information.

10 7113 CRL Extruded Aluminum Sun Control Panels
Designed for Our Series 3250 Curtain Wall System
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting Options
  • Structurally Designed to Meet Project-Required Load Values
  • Retrofit Options Available
  • Available in Stock Lengths Up to 24' (7.3 M)
  • Several Profiles to Choose From

Sun Control Panels are now available using fins for vertical and horizontal sun shades. These extrusions snap and mechanically fasten directly onto our popular Series 3250 Curtain Wall System, to allow varying amounts of sunlight to enter into the building, providing a healthy environment for the occupants.

10 7113 CRL 7100 Series Aluminum Interior Light Shelf Systems
48", 72", and 96" (1219, 1829, and 2438 mm) Standard Lengths With 12" and 24" (305 and 610 mm) Standard Projections
  • Three Standard Models With Silver Metallic Powder Paint Finish
  • Six Popular Standard Sizes
  • Practical Design for Ease of Installation
  • Custom Sizes and Finishes Also Available

The CRL7100 Series Interior Light Shelf bounces incident sunlight deep into a building’s interior, evenly distributing natural light towards the ceiling. The result: Efficient light transmission providing superior amounts of actual and perceived natural daylight . This system reduces the need for daytime lighting, helping earn points to meet your LEED® requirements. Available with round, square, and cove fascia options.