05 7000 Architectural and Ornamental Metal Fabrications

05 7700 CRL Standard Perforated Panel System
Perforated Aluminum or Stainless Steel Panels Allow Light and Ventilation
  • Standard Panels Provide Faster Turnaround Times on Manufacturing
  • Custom Patterns and Perforation Diameters Can Be Designed to Suit Your Needs
  • A Cost-Efficient and Attractive Building Addition
  • Available Finishes Include; Brushed Stainless, Polished Stainless, Non-Directional, and Custom Paint

Tastefully designed and skillfully manufactured at CRL's own Los Angeles facility, these Perforated Panels add privacy, and can also act as a sunshade to reduce interior heat. Strategically placed panels can give an older building a newer, more modern look, while at the same time serving to increase the efficiency of cooling systems.