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05 7700 CRL Standard Perforated Panel System
Perforated Aluminum or Stainless Steel Panels Allow Light and Ventilation
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Tastefully designed and skillfully manufactured at CRL's own Los Angeles facility, these Perforated Panels add privacy, and can also act as a sunshade to reduce interior heat. Strategically placed panels can give an older building a newer, more modern look, while at the same time serving to increase the efficiency of cooling systems.

05 7700 CRL Deluxe Perforated Panel System

Aluminum Substructure Framing for Added Strength

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CRL's Deluxe Perforated Panel System is easy to install and time efficient. Using CRL's aluminum substructure framing and connection details, factory installed anchors and keyhole slots eliminate the need to fasten screws in the fileld, and the structurally sound connections are designed to all field adjustments. This results in time and labor cost savings. Panels can be retrofit to the building without major structural reconfiguration.

05 7700 CRL Premier Perforated Panel System

Operable Doors to Adjust Privacy and Shade

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The CRL Premier Perforated Panel System offers all of the features of the Deluxe System, along with the added benefits of operable doors. The perforated system provides shade for the structure, while the operable doors allow for adjustable privacy and shade. The Panels can be set at varying angles to create a constantly changing appearance.

CRL engineers will work with architects and contractors to assure that projects can be fabricated to specifications required to meet local codes and the demands for timely delivery.
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