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05 7300 Windscreens, Glass Wall and Pool Fencing Systems

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05 7310 CRL FSC Frameless Windscreen Clamp System
For 3/8", 1/2", and 9/16" (10, 12, and 13.52 mm) Monolithic and Laminated Tempered Glass
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Our Frameless Glass Clamp Railing System provides an almost invisible "frameless" look. No vertical posts are used between the panels of glass; they are solely supported from the bottom by high strength stainless steel clamps. Their quality 316 alloy stainless steel construction provides superior weather resistance, and there are two models made of Duplex 2205 Marine Grade Stainless for installations within one mile of saltwater environments. All models are available in a brushed stainless finish, and some are also available in a polished finish.

05 7310 CRL Frameless Windscreen Base Shoe System

For 3/8" to 27/32" (10 to 21.52 mm) Monolithic and Laminated Tempered Glass

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A very popular method of constructing attractive windscreens is through the use of Heavy Aluminum Base Shoe to support the glass panels. This gives you the best in unobstructed vision while also providing for a structurally sound barrier that requires no vertical framing members. Base Shoe is available to be used with our TAPER-LOC™ dry glaze method, as well as, for wet glazed installations.

05 7310 CRL AWS Aluminum Windscreen System

For 1/4" to 1/2" (6 to 12 mm) Monolithic Tempered Glass

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The AWS Aluminum Windscreen System was developed to provide an attractive, maintenance-free glass wall that will enhance any residential or commercial application. All AWS Systems can be used in conjunction with a concrete slab, block wall or individual footings. CRL has the ability to design, engineer and fabricate a custom system that will satisfy not only your need for safety and security, but also your artistic tastes.

05 7310 CRL AWS Aluminum Windscreen Gate Systems

Available Gate Latch, Knob Latch, Electronic Magnetic Latch, and Panic Hardware Options

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Gates are an integral part of most commercial, multi-family, and residential projects. Your choice of gate designs range from the basic swinging gate to the most customized automatic or manual gate you can create. CRL Gates can accommodate standard, electronic or remotely operated locksets, as well as a variety of opening mechanisms.

05 7310 CRL Stainless Steel Post Barrier System

Systems for Interior or Exterior Commercial or Institutional Applications

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CRL can custom design Barrier Systems that are ideal for airport terminals, arenas, convention centers, hotels, schools, and many other areas that have security concerns. Barriers are typically fabricated using a combination of our Heavy Glass Aluminum Base Shoe and rectangular Aluminum Posts that can be cladded in selected architectural finishes.

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