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08 3000 Sliding and Stacking Glass Door Systems

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08 3220 CRL SPS Top Hung Stacking Partition System
Provides Maximum Viewing Area with Minimal Metal
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CRL’s Stacking Partition System, or SPS, offers a variety of options to create a simple yet elegant interior space division or a large inviting mall front. Restaurants and sidewalk cafes can easily expand with indoor/outdoor seating space. The design options are limited only by one’s own imagination.

08 3220 CRL Heavy Glass Top Hung Sliding Door Systems

Systems for Use With 5/16" to 1/2" (8 to 12 mm) Tempered Glass

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CRL Heavy Glass Sliding Door Systems give you design flexibility when building room partitions or mall fronts. The new CRL Top Hung Sliding Door System is truly the most versatile system of its kind. There are six different kits to choose from, offering configurations with or without fixed panels. Kits are available in a satin anodized finish, with a special order option to clad or powder paint in any architectural finish desired.

08 3220 CRL Top Hung Bi-Fold Door Systems

For Use With 3/8" or 1/2" (10 or 12 mm) Tempered Glass

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CRL Overhead Track Bi-Fold Door Systems are available in four configurations, with a maximum of three panels on each side of the opening. The end panels act like normal center pivoting doors and connect to the first hanging panel using special hinged end caps. Maximum panel weight not to exceed 170 pounds (77 kg). Maximum panel width is 41" (990 mm). Minimum panel width is 15" (381 mm).

08 3220 CRL GSDH Series Bottom Rolling Door System

Bottom Rolling Design for Use With 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2" (8, 10 or 12 mm) Tempered Glass

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The GSDH Series Bottom Rolling Door System features a unique design that gives the door the appearance that it is gliding on air. The Top Guide Track mounts to the wall and provides for secure and smooth operation of the rolling panel. The GSDH Bottom Rolling System is a great alternative when the building structure cannot carry the load of a top hung system. Everything is properly balanced to offer a smooth rolling action with finger touch control.

08 3220 CRL Bottom Rolling Sliding Door Systems

Variety of Styles and Finishes Available for Use With 3/8" or 1/2" (10 or 12 mm) Tempered Glass

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CRL Bottom Rolling Sliding Door Systems use the same technology found in our Wedge-Lock™ Door Rails to secure heavy panels of tempered glass to create almost 'frameless' glass doors between interior areas. Several profiles are available in any of the seven architectural finishes used for our Door and Sidelite Rails in both Tapered and Square Styles. Installation is simplified because each unit is custom built to your specifications for opening size and glass thickness.

08 3220 CRL Laguna Series Sliding Glass Door System

For Use With 3/8" or 1/2" (10 or 12 mm) Glass

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We have upgraded our popular Laguna Series Sliding Glass Door System to now include a new 'anti-lift' feature. Through a combination of additions and very subtle changes, we have improved the performance, safety, and security while still offering a clean, simple look. The Laguna Series Sliding Glass Door System can be installed on glass partitions or directly to the side of a sufficiently reinforced wall.

08 3213 CRL-U.S. Aluminum Series 2000 Sliding Doors

Single or Dual Glazed, For Interior Applications Only

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This multi-track slider is engineered with stacking head channels and bottom tracks allowing multiple slider combinations. Rugged overall construction coupled with heavy wall stiles and interlocks create a truly monumental sliding unit. Doors are equipped with flush finger pulls, hooklocks, and cylinders. Adjustable tandem rollers and floor track with stainless steel caps ensure smooth operation and durability.

08 4329 CRL Series E1200 Elephant Door Operable Storefront System

1/4" or 1" (6 or 25 mm) Glazing, 4-1/2" (114.3 mm) Face Dimension

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The Series E1200 Elephant Door Operable Storefront System is a sliding/pivoting entrance system designed and engineered with versatility and economics in mind. The operable storefront sections easily slide behind the fixed sections, creating openings for the passage of large items such as cars, trucks, boats, works of art, furniture, or mass pedestrian traffic. This system is ideally suited for monumental applications requiring a sliding storefront with functional pivoting doors. Its rugged overall construction coupled with heavy wall stiles and interlocks, heavy-duty tandem rollers, and a concealed floor track, offers smooth operation and durability. Available in clear or bronze anodized and a wide range of powder coated or Kynar finishes. Doors are available in offset pivot or center hung configurations.

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