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10 2238.13 Operable Glass-Panel Partitions

Light Duty Stacking Partition System | SPS Stacking Partition System
10 2238.13 CRL Light Duty Stacking Partition System
For Use With 1/2" (12 mm) Tempered Glass
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CRL introduces our new Light Duty Stacking Partition System to complement our original award winning SPS System (see below), and to offer our customers a more economical option to their stacking partition needs. The Light Duty Stacking Partition System is available with top and bottom rails or patch fittings in brushed or polished stainless steel. The Top Track furnished with every system is available in mill aluminum or white powder coat. The design configurations are numerous and can fulfill most any design requirement.

10 2238.13 CRL SPS Stacking Partition System Featuring Intelli-Track™

Systems for Use With 1/2" or 3/4" (12 or 19 mm) Tempered Glass

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CRL’s Stacking Partition System, or SPS, offers a variety of options to create a simple yet elegant interior space division or a large inviting mall front. Restaurants and sidewalk cafes can easily expand with indoor/outdoor seating space. The design options are limited only by one’s own imagination. Ease of operation was on the top of our list when we designed SPS. The Intelli-Track™ Roller is an innovative design that allows for smooth, almost effortless panel movement. Combined with our overhead track design, the panels seem to stack and park by themselves. Our multi-point locking system offers a secure, easily operated entrance.

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