08 4323 Steel-Framed Storefronts

08 4323 CRL Tajima Prosteel Storefront System
Reinforced Where Required with Minimum 11 Ga. Galvanized Steel
  • Available in Stainless Steel 304 or 316, and Galvanized Steel
  • Removable Glass Stop on Horizontal Frame Only
  • Profiles Can Be Reinforced to Meet Higher Structural Requirements
  • Wet Glazed System With Structural Silicone

Prosteel is simply the best performance steel system available. Prosteel creates the ability to assemble many components into a single unit, reducing field assembly time and cost. Full penetration welded assemblies give additional strength, particularly at the corners, and assure plumb, true, level units with no gap or misaligned surfaces. The resulting product is of the highest quality and far superior to roll-formed systems which must be “semi-fabricated” and adjusted in the field. Available in #4, #6, #8, and non-directional for stainless steel, antique bronze, painted finishes, as well as custom finishes.