08 4100 Window Wall Systems

08 4313 CRL-U.S. Aluminum BG & BT Window Wall Systems
1/4" or 1" (6 or 25 mm) Glazing, 2-1/4" (57 mm) Face Dimension
  • Low to Mid-Rise Applications
  • No Exposed Fasteners
  • Two-Tone Color Option
  • Stacking Installation

Our BG and BT Systems are vertically butt glazed horizontal ribbon window systems that are ideal for low to mid-rise applications. The BG and BT Systems are engineered for continuous long runs of glass creating a monolithic appearance. Intermediate horizontals can be added for accenting horizontal bands. The BT Series features the Poly-Aluminizer™ and Lancer™ Thermal Break Technology. These systems can be glazed from the interior or exterior.

08 4313 CRL-U.S. Aluminum OS-2 Offset Glazing Window Wall System
1/4", 3/8" or 1" (6, 10 or 25 mm) Glazing, 2" (50.8 mm) Face Dimension
  • Glass Offset to Front
  • Butt Glazed Vertical Option
  • Continuous Head and Sill
  • Top Load Gasket

OS-2 Offset Glazing System Framing offers a shallow face reveal creating a flush exterior appearance. OS-2 is designed for labor-saving stacking type installations, and may be interior or exterior glazed using top load E.P.D.M. glazing gaskets. Internal water deflectors at intersections of intermediate horizontal and vertical mullions allow infiltrated water to be drained into a continuous sill gutter and weeped to the exterior.

08 4313 CRL-U.S. Aluminum Top Notch Window Wall Systems
1" (25 mm) Glazing Infill
  • Series TN451 & TT451 Utilize Top Load Gaskets
  • Series TN601 & TT601 Utilize Wedge-Type Molded Corner Exterior Sponge Gaskets

The Top Notch Systems offer a shallow face reveal that creates a flush exterior appearance. These systems are designed for labor saving stacking type installations that require glazing from the interior. Internal water deflectors at intermediate horizontal to vertical intersections allow infiltrated water to be drained into a continuous sill gutter and weeped to the exterior. The Top Notch Systems are designed for fixed horizontal window wall or punched opening applications.