Project Case Study

Mercy Virtual Care Center

Chesterfield, Missouri




GLASS FABRICATORS: Viracon Inc.; Royal Glass Co.

Designed by Forum Studio, the Mercy Virtual Care Center is a new healthcare facility that supports health delivery systems, telemedicine, care management, research analytics, and the overall Mercy business infrastructure. It’s a first-of-its-kind medical building, taking a transformational approach to healthcare.

As an advanced healthcare facility, it was important to create an environment that promotes employee and visitor well-being. Mercy Virtual Care Center was thus built in a setting that preserved as much of the existing natural habitat as possible. To amplify the connection to the surrounding greenery, CRL-U.S. Aluminum’s Series 4500 SSG Unit-Glaze Window Wall System was utilized.

By producing floor-to-ceiling, uninterrupted spans of glass, the Series 4500 SSG maximizes views. It also increases daylight diffusion to create open and vibrant interiors. From the outside, the tall glass spans reflect the natural surroundings and, at the same time, deliver clean sight lines that complement the contemporary, streamlined design.

A key feature of the Series 4500 SSG Unit-Glaze Window Wall is its innovative unit split mullions and gravity loaded sill flashing. They enable pre-glazed sections to easily snap together on location. This reduces the amount of field labor by as much as 50% and expedites installations.

With Mercy Virtual Care Center, the Series 4500 SSG Unit-Glaze Window Wall succeeded in helping to form a connection between the facility’s occupants and nature in order to foster their well-being. It also helped Forum Studio create a prominent horizontal band aesthetic that speaks to the stability and strength of Mercy’s services.

Because of simplified logistics, exceptional thermal performance, and striking sight lines, the Series 4500 SSG Unit-Glaze Window Wall represents a forward-thinking approach to modern facade design and installation.