05 7000 Architectural and Ornamental Metal Fabrications

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05 7530 CRL Column Covers
Round, Square, and Elliptical Shapes Fabricated Up to 156" (3.9m) in Length
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CRL Column Covers can be fabricated in two, three or four panel configurations to best suit the installation. Several material options are available, but are predicated on the diameter of the column. Aluminum Composite Sheet, Metal Composite Sheet, and Solid Metal Sheet make up the panel material options. Depending on what type of column you are attaching to (Round, Square or "I" Beam), various mounting options are available.

05 7700 Architectural Wire Cloth Systems

For Decorative Interior or Exterior Designs

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CRL's Architectural Wire Cloth can completely transform a building's façade. The trend of using more glass in buildings requires effective protection against the sun and its intense rays. CRL's Wire Cloth can be installed to filter out harmful sun rays, while at the same time creating a façade with character. Tensioning systems with edge detail may be incorporated to CRL's Architectural Wire Cloth to ensure that the cloth remains taut. Architectural Wire Cloth is available in several meshes to cover a variety of applications.

05 7700 CRL Perforated Panel Systems

Enhances Aesthetics While Increasing Cooling System Efficiency

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CRL Perforated Panel Systems provide a unique look to any modern edifice. Tastefully designed and skillfully manufactured at CRL's own Los Angeles facility, these Perforated Panels add privacy, and can also act as a sunshade to reduce interior heat. Strategically placed panels can give an older building a newer, more modern look, while at the same time serving to increase the efficiency of cooling systems. They are available in any number of finishes and perforation patterns, and can be retrofit to the building without major structural reconfiguration.

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