CRL Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Making Quality Products for Over 40 Years
  • Mechanical and Technical Expertise Available to Assist You

You may know C.R. Laurence Company as the world's largest distributor of supplies to the glass industry. What you may not know is that we are also a manufacturer of over 7,000 products found in our Online Catalog. We make some of the best products available to customers worldwide.

There are many industries served by the products manufactured in our factories. We make architectural hardware for new and retrofit building construction, railing systems and windscreens for balconies and decks, security transaction windows and devices, display hardware for the retail trade, specialty tools for the glazing trade, hinges and other products for frameless shower doors. Using strict manufacturing standards we produce the kind of quality products that has kept us at the head of this field for many years. That's your assurance that when you select a product made by CRL Manufacturing you have made the best possible choice. We're always looking for ways to make our products better, and along the way we've added experts from different fields to our staff of designers, engineers, and craftspeople. Our goal is to make our products a better value to you, whether it's time or labor savings, extended service life, increased versatility or enhanced visual appeal.

Expansion of our manufacturing capability has brought our total manufacturing floor space in California to roughly 650,000 square feet. CRL now has almost 1 million square feet of distribution and manufacturing capability to better serve our customers. We also have a 90,000 square foot machinery facility in Cicero, Illinois, and a new facility in Melbourne, Australia for the manufacture of our Vacuum Lifters. It's all part of CRL's commitment to provide good quality products with short lead times to the industries we serve.
C.R. Laurence Manufacturing Headquarters, Los Angeles, California
CRL-U.S. Aluminum
We’re very excited to announce that U.S. Aluminum has joined the C.R. Laurence family of companies. U.S. Aluminum has a history that goes back over 50 years, and has been the source for many of the most innovative and now well-known glazing systems specified by architects. The U.S. Aluminum location in Los Angeles has relocated to a modern 62,000 sq. ft. facility just down the block from CRL World Headquarters. U.S. Aluminum perfectly complements CRL's architectural hardware business, and provides a one-stop shop for fabricated metals. In addition to the expansive collection of stocked extrusions, CRL-U.S. Aluminum offers an array of options for custom extrusions. Over the years we have created a plethora of custom extrusions to satisfy specific job requirements. If it can be extruded, we have probably seen it. CLICK HERE to view CRL-U.S. Aluminum architectural systems.
C.R. Laurence U.S. Aluminum Manufacturing
CRL Blumcraft
Blumcraft has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality products to the architectural metal and glass industry for over 100 years. The company is well respected as an innovator and a pioneer in the heavy glass door market with many firsts, including the invention of the first panic handle for heavy glass doors (Herculite Doors). The company's tempered glass doors, panic hardware, handrails, and display doors are well known and respected by architects, contractors, and installers. Blumcraft has close ties to many architectural firms, customizing products to their specifications. CLICK HERE to view CRL-Blumcraft architectural systems.
CRL-Blumcraft Manufacturing
CRL Jackson
Los Angeles-based Jackson Corporation has been a manufacturer of door hardware for the aluminum and tempered glass door industries for over 50 years. The manufacturing operation is housed in our new 330,000 sq. ft. facility, while Jackson products will be distributed worldwide through the current network, as well as CRL's own worldwide network. Jackson's very popular Transom Closer was originally developed and patented over 35 years ago. The innovative features of today's versions continue to make the Jackson Transom Closer a top choice. The company's Panic Exit Hardware is universally recognized as the standard for the aluminum storefront market. CLICK HERE to view CRL-Jackson architectural systems.
Jackson Door Closers and Panic Devices
  • Cutting, Mitering, Drilling, Bending, Welding, Finishing, and Other Services to Create Just the Right Product for the Job
CRL offers state-of-the-art custom fabrication that can handle the most complex projects you may encounter. By offering cutting, mitering, drilling, bending, welding, finishing, and other services, CRL can save the installer time and labor. CRL offers many finish options, including anodizing, painting, and powder coating. We operate our own polishing department that can provide straight and spiral sanding, as well as mechanical sanding and polishing. For additional information, contact CRL Technical Sales at (800) 421-6144 in U.S., (877) 421-6144 from Canada, or (323) 588-1281 International, and ask for Ext. 7770. You may also contact CRL Technical Sales staff directly via E-mail
Custom Cladding Welding Polishing
CRL Technical Assistance
  • Full Service From Our Technical Sales Team
  • Design Assistance and Component Selection
The C.R. Laurence Technical Sales Team can help you choose the perfect system for any job. They will assist with component selection to ensure you can complete the job with a minimum amount of excess material. Your job can be made easier with the help of our trained professionals. CRL Technical Sales can be reached Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time. For additional information, contact CRL Technical Sales at (800) 421-6144 in U.S., (877) 421-6144 from Canada, or (323) 588-1281 International. You may also contact CRL Technical Sales staff directly via E-mail
C.R. Laurence Technical Assistance
  • When Quick Delivery Could Make the Difference in Design/Build Projects, CRL Will Out-Perform Other Suppliers
The goal of CRL’s Rapid Customization Program is to achieve the shortest possible lead time on all CRL Manufactured Products, from sketch to quote to fabrication to delivery. This is done several ways, and an important factor is keeping the entire process "in-house". Allowing CRL Manufacturing to control such processes as drafting, modeling, raw material procurement, cutting optimization, high-speed fabrication, finishing, powder coating, batch painting, packaging, and shipping makes for efficient and speedy delivery of products to you.
You Send Us Your Plans and We Design the Perfect System Once We Receive Your Order We Go to Work on it Right Away Upon Completsion We Ship it to Your Job Site Anywhere in the World
  • Design and Development of Custom Products
  • Product Management Service
  • Auto Cad Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Engineering
  • Technical Support
Let CRL's Technical Sales Team help you with your next project. Everyone at C.R. Laurence is dedicated to providing superior customer service, along with products and resources to keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology. We have added a dedicated Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) Department to our arsenal of Technical Sales and Engineering groups to assist you with drawing submittals and custom design work to land that special project.
CRL Cad Department C.R. Laurence Architectural Services CRL Cad Department