CRL Brands - Jackson

Tajima Metals Corp.

Jackson has been a leading manufacturer of door hardware for the aluminum and tempered glass door industry for over 50 years. In 1995 they became the first U.S. hardware manufacturer to be certified to ISO 9001 quality standards. The manufacturing operations are housed in our new 62,000 sq. ft. facility in Los Angeles, and Jackson products are distributed through CRL’s worldwide network.

This joining provides CRL customers more choices than ever of traditionally high quality Jackson architectural hardware. Jackson's very popular Transom Closer was originally developed and patented over 35 years ago. The innovative features of today’s versions continue to make the Jackson Transom Closer a top choice. The company’s Panic Exit Hardware is universally recognized as the standard for the aluminum storefront market. The experience gained through this move is invaluable, and we welcome the Jackson staff into our Technical Sales and Manufacturing efforts.

Architects - We offer our Catalogs free of charge to archtitectural firms. Please contact Jackson Technical Sales at (800) 421-6144 from anywhere in the United States or Canada, and ask for extension 7520. Callers in other countries should call our Los Angeles Service Center at (323) 588-1281. You can also view or download them below.

Jackson Catalog