08 3000 Specialty Doors and Frames

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08 3220 Sliding and Stacking Glass Door Systems
Provides Maximum Viewing Area with Minimal Metal
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CRL’s Stacking Partition System, or SPS, offers a variety of options to create a simple yet elegant interior space division or a large inviting mall front. Restaurants and sidewalk cafes can easily expand with indoor/outdoor seating space. The design options are limited only by one’s own imagination.

08 3950 Bullet-Resistant Doors

Level 1 or Level 3 U.L 752 Protection Available

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CRL Bullet Resistant Doors and Frames are manufactured to meet U.L.752 Protection Levels 1 or 3. They are available with or without Vision Windows and all doors and frames are fabricated from prime quality cold rolled steel, and include a baked-on rust inhibitive oxide primer. Standard components include: Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinge; Surface Mounted Door Closer; Keyed Cylinder Lock; Standard Lever Handles. Custom sizes, higher protection levels, colors and options are available on request.

08 3980 Hurricane-Resistant Doors

First U.S. Company to Manufacture, Miami-Dade County, Florida-Approved Inswing Entrance

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CRL/Delta Doors is considered the 'major force' in doors and window wall systems, and is one of the few companies meeting all of Miami-Dade County, Florida air, water, structural, and impact requirements. Also available are Impact Resistant Outswing Medium Stile Entrances, Impact Resistant Terrace and Balcony Entrances and Storefront Framing Systems, Non-Impact Entrances and Storefront Framing Systems.

08 4113 CRL-U.S. Aluminum Blast Resistant Entrances and Storefronts

Protection for GSA, DoD, and Private Sector Facilities

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With the right glass, some steel, and a successfully tested aluminum storefront system, protection from explosions can be obtained. Blast Resistant Storefront Systems are engineered and successfully tested to withstand explosions from pressure levels of one to six pounds per square inch. These protective storefront systems feature our Storm Front® Entrance, as well as screw spline assembly for panel type erection, insulating and laminated glass siliconed in place, high performance subsill, and steel reinforced mullions.

08 4113 CRL-U.S. Aluminum Hurricane Resistant Entrances and Storefronts

Miami-Dade County, Florida Approved

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The Storm Front® System is a dry glazed system that saves both time and money at installation. Storm Front® Systems have passed the stringent requirements of the Miami/Dade County protocol for maximum protection from high winds and wind borne debris. The Storm Front® Entrance incorporates a patented one glazing bead design, ensuring maximum protection at the entrance area.

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